About Us

Born from that numerical relationship, the golden section it expresses the extraordinary harmony and beauty that exists in nature and that each of us is looking for.

We are looking for beauty, in fact, in the world around us, but also,and maybe more,inside us.

AMA is convinced that fashion accessories have a precise function: to elegantly and originally express one's personality.

This is why we combine the harmony we learn from nature with the beauty and creativity of art.

Our scarves reproduce works by international artists in fine Italian silk: they are therefore real works of art to wear.

So are our bags, handcrafted with finishes of great value.

Careful and meticulous attention to detail, state-of-the-art production exclusively in Italy, careful research of materials ensure that our creations, always at the service of the wearer, are synonymous with art and beauty.

AMA, the beauty that enhances and does not hide.

Amanda Amadori

Legend tells that at the end of 1700 a noblewoman, amanda amadori, had fun in the field of fashion, by having artists of the time painted on silk canvas that she herself wore during social evenings.

Her idea had such a great success that all the european well-known salons started to use it.

Nowadays amadori style aims to revive the original idea of amanda amadori, through the ama brand.